Watch Repairs

Whether you need a quick battery change for your Fossil or a complete servicing of your Rolex, CNS Jewelry & Watch Repair is by far the best place to go. We carry every size of watch battery and we can service every make and model of watch including all mechanical watches, wind-up watches, automatic or self-winding watches, pocket watches, self-charging watches and quartz watches.

Most minor watch repairs can be done While You Wait or Shop by one of our expert watch technicians. Watch batteries installed, shortening a watchband, watchband repair, clasp or buckle repair and replacement, resetting hands, re-attaching icons and dial markers are some of the many repairs that take less than one hour. 

Repairs such as stems and crowns, crystals, movement replacement and servicing will usually take approximately 4 weeks to complete and come with a one year guarantee.

If It's Repairable,
We Can Repair It


  • All Watch Batteries in Stock
  • Watchbands Sized
  • Watchbands Repaired
  • Large Selection of Watchbands
  • Stems & Crowns
  • Crystals
  • Restore / Refurbish
  • Complete Servicing


     All Watch Batteries In Stock
We have the correct size watch battery for every make and model of watch and the experts and tools to install every battery properly. Our watch technicians can quickly and expertly change the watch battery for Fossil, Casio, Gucci, Seiko, Citizen, Tag Heuer, Kenneth Cole, Anne Klein, Raymond Weil, Pulsar, and Swiss Army, just to name a few.  All of our watch batteries are $9.95 installed and come with a 2-year replacement guarantee.


     Watchbands Sized
Just got that new watch and the watchband is way too big? No problem. We have the experts and the proper tools to shorten that watchband to fit exactly the way you want it, usually in about 15 minutes. We can even lengthen some watchbands and our professional jewelers can shorten, lengthen and repair solid gold watchbands.    

     Watchband Repairs
Whether it's the buckle or clasp that won't stay closed or a watchband that won't stay on the watch, there are very few watchbands we are not able to repair. We can also order many original replacement bands and parts including brand names such as Seiko, Citizen, Movado, Bulova, Kenneth Cole and many, many more.    

     Large Selection Of Watchbands
We have a very large selection of leather watch straps and metal watch bands in stock to fit just about any watch and just about any wrist. We carry sizes as small as 8 mm and as wide as 28 mm. We have extra long leather straps and can order extra small ones. We stock straps in genuine leather, exotic skins such as lizard, crocodile and alligator, metal watchbands in yellow, white or two-tone, sport straps, Casio replacement bands, nylon straps and much, much more.    

     Stems & Crowns
    A very common repair is the replacement of the stem and crown.  The crown protrudes and can be easily knocked off and there is a lot of wear and tear from years of setting the time, day, or date. Our expert watchmaker will match your existing stem and crown with manufacturer's specified parts and return your watch to proper order.  Please allow approximately 4 weeks for this repair.

Glass crystals, plastic crystals, sapphire crystals, round ones, square ones, oval ones and faceted ones too, flat or domed, with or without the magnifier, we can replace just about any watch crystal there is.
Most flat round crystals can be replaced While You Wait or Shop.  All other crystals will take approximately 4 weeks to replace.

     Restore / Refurbish
Would you like to have that old, worn-out watch look like new again? We have the expertise to restore and refurbish most any make or model of watch , no matter how old it is. Rust can be removed, crystals can be replaced, dials can be refinished and parts can be ordered or in some cases, made by hand.  

     Complete Servicing
Complete servicing generally refers to "returning a watch to proper running order", whether that watch is gaining time, losing time, or has stopped all together. What type of servicing is required and how much the servicing will cost depends on what kind of watch you have. In the broadest sense there are two main categories of watches: mechanical watches and quartz watches.  

Mechanical Watches
A mechanical watch generally has no battery and is either a watch that you have to wind or an automatic watch which winds itself as you wear it. To return these watches to proper running order normally requires a COA or Clean Oil and Adjust. The watchmaker disassembles the watch, cleans the parts, oils them, reassembles the watch and adjusts the timing so the watch will once again run properly. Occasionally, there are parts, especially in older watches, that need replacing and will require more that a COA to return it to proper running order.

Quartz Matches
When a new battery does not return your quartz watch to proper running order, then that watch needs servicing.  However, in most cases a COA is not appropriate because many quartz movements contain plastics, making a proper cleaning nearly impossible. Most other watchmakers resort to just blowing the movements out with air, attempting to dislodge any minute particles of dust that stopped the watch from running. The problem with this shortcut is that many times the dust particles are just blown somewhere else in the movement, resulting in many returns to the repair shop.

To solve this problem, we at CNS Jewelry & Watch Repair have decided generally not to clean quartz movements, but to replace the old movement with a brand new manufacturer's specified movement, ordering only from the best and most reputable suppliers in the country. And the best part is, we can co this for a lower price than most other places charge for a COA.   And because we are installing a brand new movement, we can warranty the repair for 1-year, whereas most others only offer a 90-day guarantee.


We also service pocket watches and self-charging watches such as Seiko Kinetics and Citizen Eco-drices.

Please allow approximately 4 weeks for the servicing of watches.