Additional Services


We have computerized engravers, mechanical engravers and inside-ring engravers in all of our shops. We will engrave items you bought somewhere else or we have a large selection of personalized gifts and brass plates from which to choose.

  • ID Bracelets
  • Cross pens
  • Key Chains
  • Brass Plates
  • Zippo Lighters
  • Money Clips
  • Medical-Alert Bracelets
  • Jewelry Boxes
  • Blank Plates
  • And much, much more ...

Engraving a special message on the inside of the shank of most rings is the best way to personalize that prized possession making it a keepsake you will cherish forever. Most inside ring engraving can be done While You Wait or Shop.

CNS Jewelry & Watch Repair


Most genuine pearl necklaces and bracelets these days are made from cultured pearls. So much so, cultured pearls are to be considered by most to be natural and not synthetic at all. Because of the time and care it takes to grow even cultured pearls, a necklace made of them can be rather expensive. That being said, most genuine pearl necklaces are "knotted", meaning a knot is placed in the silk thread between each pearl so that if a break does occur, only one or two pearls are lost at most. Please be patient, the knotted method takes a considerable amount oftime and technique (clean hands too) in order to keep our prices low.

We can match and replace missing pearls and we can also restring multi-strand necklaces and bracelets. We can also replace any type of clasp or closure. However, in almost every case, the necklace or bracelet has to be re-strung in order to do this.


Fortunately, normal bead restringing is not as involved as the knotted method for pearl necklaces. We usually restring using tiger tail, stretch chord or pearl silk. Many times, we can match and replace missing beads. We can also lengthen to a small degree, most necklaces and bracelets without adding extra beads. Clasps and closures can be replaced or up-graded, but will normally involve having to restring the necklace or bracelet.


In the past, insurance appraisals were daunting and expensive. Appraisers could charge as much as 10% of the value of the piece of jewelry, meaning an appraisal for a $5,000 ring could easily cost you $500. Not so now, not with us. We charge the same low, low fee no matter the value of the piece and we do not have to keep your jewelry for weeks like most other appraisers as evidenced by the thousands and thousands of appraisals we have done so far.

Most insurance carriers will require a rider for any piece of jewelry you wish to insure in excess of $1,000. In most cases, they require an appraisal from a jeweler or gemologist. As we said before, we have done thousands and thousands of appraisals and are very well-respected in the insurance community because of our record of integrity and consistency. We have streamlined the appraisal process for you, minimizing the amount of time we have to hold your keepsake, usually only a day or two. The written appraisal can be picked-up in the store in approximately 3-4 weeks or, as most customers request, it can be mailed to you.


We do not recommend metal eyeglass frames, but if you have a pair that has broken, then many times we can weld the frames back together again using one of our state-of-the-art laser welders. The weld is very solid, but may cause slight dis-colorization at the spot of the weld. This is normal and cannot be prevented. The repair is considered to only be a stop-gap measure until a new pair of frames can be purchased. If the weld should not hold, we will re-weld the frames one additional time within our one-year guarantee at no charge. However, after that we will have to re-charge for the repair if the frames should break again.


In addition to one of our artisans hand-carving a customized ring or pendant for you, we also offer computer-assisted design in combination with 3-D printing. Bring us a picture, a drawing or just an idea you have in your head, and let one of our professionals design and create a unique and one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry for you.

Catalog Orders

You cannot size a ring over the internet and you would rather not have to mail your watch somewhere to have the battery replaced. Other than this informational only webpage, we do not have an on-line presence. "Just wouldn't be prudent at this juncture." Instead, we are conveniently located in Oklahoma's four largest malls making it much easier and less expensive for our customers to access our services.

That being said, we preserve all the advantages one gains from direct, one-on-one, in-person contact with our customers. Unlike most other businesses these days, we still carry a large number of catalogs and flyers from our industry's leading suppliers, making it possible to find and order just about any item that is being produced. And if we can't find it, we can probably make it.

  • Stuller
  • Rio Grande
  • Rembrandt Charms
  • Seiko
  • DRS
  • Hadley-Roma
  • Quality Gold
  • Zippo
  • Citizen
  • And much, much more ...

Our professional jewelers and watch technicians help you find what you are looking for. And, if we cannot find it, then we might just be able to make it for you. Overnight delivery and second-day air are available for those last-minute emergencies.

CNS Jewelry & Watch Repair


Surprisingly, we have a large number of out-of-town customers. Whether they are fellow Oklahomans coming to the "big" city, fortunate and fantastic folks here visiting family or friends or the lucky business traveler getting paid while he visits our great state, we have found that many people carry jewelry and watches with them that are in need of a major repair or simply need a battery. As they most often say, "I've been looking for place like this for a long time."

Of course, most of the time we can repair their items While They Wait or Shop. But, for those items that might take a little longer, shipping those items back to the customer is an easy and affordable option. We carefully package and fully insure every item and have a variety of options when it comes to carriers; USPS, Fed Ex or UPS. We normally ship regular mail with insurance, but can also overnight or ship second-day if needed. For items of higher value, we ship registered mail with insurance, to ensure your keepsake arrives safely.