Jewelry Repairs

Jewelry Repair at Its Best

Whether it’s gold, silver, platinum or even costume jewelry, CNS Jewelry & Watch Repair has a staff of professional bench jewelers in every shop from open to close seven days a week to service any and all of your repair needs. You are more than welcome to watch our professionals apply their trade. They are out in the open and not hidden in a back room. All repairs are done in-house, eliminating the chance your keepsake ends up mysteriously disappearing or taking weeks to complete. Best of all, our prices are more reasonable than those of the jewelry stores.

No Job Is to Big or Too Small

CNS Jewelry & Watch Repair

Services Include

Ring Sizing

We have the tools and equipment and the expertise to size any ring that is meant to be sized. These include:

  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Platinum
  • Yellow Gold
  • White Gold
  • 10K
  • 14K
  • 18K
  • All Other Karat Weights
  • Two-Tone

We can professionally remove rings that fingers have out-grown!


Necklaces and bracelets are expertly repaired to look just like new.  Our jewelers can also shorten chains and, in many cases, even lengthen a chain by adding jump rings, alternate clasps or even an extra piece of a matching chain. We have a large selection of gold, silver and plated clasps and closures in stock, which can be professionally installed While You Wait or Shop.

We also have a large selection of silver and gold chains in our stores to choose from as well as a stack of catalogs offering a complete range of necklaces and bracelets.

Stone Setting

Once you have chosen a stone or you bring in your own, we have the expertise to professionally set any stone of any shape and of any size, whether it be prong setting, bezel setting, channel setting or even pave`. Three state-of-the-art laser welders enable our bench jewelers to tackle even the most challenging stone setting jobs without pulling the stone, saving our customers considerable time and money.


We carry a large selection of replacement diamonds (melee) and gemstones for your jewelry repair needs.  We can also professionally match and order any existing diamond or gemstone your jewelry may be missing and return your keepsake to it originally glory. Additionally, we have an unprecedented selection of stones and accent pieces from which to choose or order.

  • Diamonds
  • Birthstones
  • Lab-Created Stones
  • Synthetic Stones
  • Gemstones
  • Foil Backs
  • Marcasites
  • Imitation Stones
  • And much, much more…

Prong Re-Tipping

Most jewelry is designed to last a lifetime with little or no effort. However, the prongs holding your diamonds or gemstones secure will wear thin to the point where they will eventually break off, risking the loss of your stone. An annual inspection of the prongs on your jewelry is highly recommended. We will be glad to do that for you at no cost and recommend whether or not your prongs may need re-tipping. In the past, re-tipping often meant pulling all the stones except the diamonds, rubies and sapphires. Once again, our three state-of-the-art laser welders enable our bench jewelers to bypass that step, avoiding possibly damaging any stones and saving our customers considerable time and money.

Re-shanks & Refurbishing

Did you know that after many years of wear and tear, the bottom of your ring, called the shank, will wear thin and even break? Because the stones do not normally have to be pulled, a re-shank can, in most cases, be done While You Wait or Shop.

As we do with all of our repairs, we match the karat weight and color of your existing gold precisely. We even rhodium plate, at no additional charge, all sizings and re-shanks in white gold.

Was your ring “run over by a truck” or “accidently thrown in the washing machine”?  No problem.  Our expert bench jewelers can restore, refurbish, replace or refinish just about any piece of jewelry you may have, “ruined” or not. 

As always, all of our estimates are free!     

Cleaning & Polishing

Ever wonder why most jewelry is made of gold and entrusted with diamonds?  Bring your ring in for a professional cleaning and polishing and you will soon see why.  Your ring will look just like the day you bought it, shining and glistening with all its beauty.

In between professional cleanings, a gentle cleaning at home with a soft toothbrush and mild soap or detergent is recommended. 

But please; no bleach, alcohol or other harsh chemicals allowed.


Are you sure you want to buy that special someone a ring just like the thousands of other rings offered online or sitting in the hundreds of showcases across the country?  We didn’t think so.  So please, come in and see us and let our professional experts custom design a one-of-a-kind keepsake just for you and your special someone.

We have a full state-of-the-art lab for our loss-wax casting process. Our artisans can hand carve a wax just for you or design one using the latest computer software and 3-D printing.

We can cast in gold and silver for any karat weight or use your old gold or silver if you prefer.  Casting using virgin gold (newly refined) is recommended for quality purposes, but we will cast using your old gold if requested.

CNS Jewelry & Watch Repair