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Whether it's a quick battery change for your Fossil or a complete servicing of your
Rolex, CNS Jewelry & Watch Repair has the tools and equipment combined with a staff
of expert watch technicians to get any job done, big or small.

  • Quartz Watches
  • Automatic Watches
  • Self-Winding Watches
  • Kinetic Watches
  • Pocket Watches
  • Mechanical Watches
  • Wind-Up Watches
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CNS Jewelry & Watch Repair


Most minor watch repairs can be done While You Wait or Shop by one of our expert watch technicians. Some minor repairs, we can do within an hour.

  • Watch Batteries
  • Watchbands Shortened
  • Repair Watchband
  • Flat Round Crystals
  • Clasps or Buckles
  • Resetting Hands
  • Re-Glue Icons & Dial Markers
  • And much, much more ....

Services Offered


Watch Batteries are $10 Installed
Two-Year Replacement Guarantee

We carry and stock every size watch battery for every make and model of watch,
including silver oxide batteries and lithium batteries. Some common brands that many other places will typically turn down, but not us:

  • Fossil
  • Gucci
  • Swiss Army
  • Casio
  • Timex
  • TAG Heuer

It is normally a quartz watch that requires a battery (technically speaking, a cell, or button cell) If you are not sure if your watch is a quartz watch or not, watch the second hand. If it ticks, then it is probably a quartz watch. If it sweeps, like a real Rolex, then usually it is not a quartz watch. Buyer beware, if your "Rolex" is ticking, then it's probably not a genuine Rolex. Or, as some like to say, it is a "Faux Rolex", meaning of course, a fake Rolex.

Typically, a battery in a new and well-running quartz watch will last five to seven years. However, many will recommend you replace your old watch battery with a new one every year as you would with a smoke detector, whether your watch needs it or not. They say this because a watch battery has the potential to leak and could cause severe damage to your watch, not for safety reasons as with the smoke detector.

We say, not so fast. First of all, most quartz watches are relatively inexpensive and replacing the battery every year may cost you more than the purchase price of the watch. Secondly, over the years, we have replaced more than one million watch batteries and very rarely have we found a battery that has leaked, let alone one that has leaked so much it damaged the watch. We are afraid many competitors are just trying to guarantee a steady income.

We recommend you replace the battery when your watch stops running properly, and not every year as most others would recommend. We guarantee all of our watch batteries for two years because if your watch is "eating" batteries faster than that, then we recommend your watch be cleaned and serviced. A poorly running watch will drain the battery much faster than a properly running watch. As part of our two-year replacement guarantee, if your watch needs servicing within two years, then we will deduct the price of the battery from the price of the servicing.

Watchbands Sized

Watchbands come in many styles and varieties and can be made from just about any material; leather, metal, rubber, plastic, nylon, cloth, Kevlar, gold and even wood. Most watchbands, however, are either made of leather and called a leather strap or made of metal and called a metal band. We can punch an additional hole in your leather strap or remove links from your metal band. If links are removed, make sure those are returned to you so they can be added back at a later time, if needed. Also, our expert bench jewelers can shorten, lengthen or repair gold watchbands.


It is annoying. A buckle or clasp that will not stay closed or a strap or watchband that just keeps coming off your watch. Good News! There are very few watchbands we are not able to repair or replace. And if a repair is not likely, then we have literally thousands of watchbands in stock to choose from. Or if you prefer, many times we can order an original replacement for you from the manufacturer.

Large Selection of Watchbands

We carry the largest selection of watchbands in the state, more than a thousand to choose from.

  • Leather Watch Straps
  • Casio Bands
  • Sports Straps
  • NATO Straps
  • Extra-Wide Bands & Straps
  • Metal Watchbands
  • Swatch Straps
  • Nylon Straps
  • Hadley-Roma
  • And much, much more ....

Stems & Crowns

A very common watch repair is replacing the stem & crown. Other than the strap or watchband, no other part of your watch receives more wear and tear than your stem and crown; setting the time, setting the day or date or even in some cases winding your watch on a daily basis. Additionally, the crown is exposed and sticking out and can easily be knocked off.

The stem is the post that enters the watch and the crown is the rounded part on the outside of the watch you hold to set or wind it. The stem can break or the stem and crown can separate. Either case, both parts usually have to be ordered and replaced. Brand name or generic parts are available.


Crystals come in a variety of shapes, sizes, thicknesses and materials. They can be your everyday mineral glass crystal or one made of plastic. There are even high-end crystals, made of synthetic sapphire that are scratch resistant. Crystals can be large or small, flat or domed, round, rectangular or any other shape that can be cut. Whatever the case, we can replace or refurbish that damaged or missing crystal for you. Most flat round crystals can be replaced While You Wait or Shop.

Many times, a crystal that has come loose or fallen out, only has to be re-glued or repressed, if it is a pressure-fit crystal or a domed crystal. So, if the crystal on your watch comes off, carefully place it back in place as best you can and secure it with a small piece of scotch tape. Place it in a plastic bag and bring it to us. We will either reglue the crystal, press it back in place, or if the crystal is amaged, order you a new one.

Mineral glass crystals and plastic crystals are not scratch resistant and will scratch rather easily. A mineral glass crystal that has been scratched cannot be buffed and would have to be replaced. On the other hand, most plastic crystals that are scratched can be buffed to look just like new.

CNS Jewelry & Watch Repair


Complete servicing refers to returning a watch to proper running order while a restoration focusses more on the cosmetics of the watch such as the watchband, crystal, caseback and dial; all which can usually be refurbished or replaced.

The vast majority of watches are either mechanical or quartz. A mechanical watch generally has no battery and is either a watch you have to wind or an automatic watch which winds itself as you wear it. Winding the watch tightens the main spring, which when it unwinds, keeps the watch running. An automatic watch has a relatively large counter weight that swings back and forth, winding the watch in the process.

In order to return most mechanical watches to proper running order; a Clean, Oil and Adjust (COA) is performed. As the name implies, the watch is disassembled, parts are cleaned and oiled and after reassembly, adjusted for accurate time keeping and overall proper running order. Occasionally, a part has to be replaced, or in some of the older watches, a part may have to be made by hand. It is normal, and considered proper running order, for older mechanical watches to gain or lose a minute or two, even on a daily basis.

A quartz watch, on the other hand (no pun intended), gains its power from a battery, or technically speaking, a cell, or button cell. When a new battery does not return a quartz watch to proper running order, then a complete servicing is usually required, but not the same as with mechanical watches. In the past, many competitors have simply blown the dirt and dust from the movement of a quartz watch with a can of air, re-oiled it and called that a COA. We found that technique to be disingenuous at best and have decided the only honest and correct way to service a quartz watch is to replace the entire movement with an original, brand new, manufacturer's movement. And because we are replacing the entire movement with a new one, we can guarantee the service for one year.
Best of all, we can do all of this for the same price as other's charge for a COA!

We are able to restore, refurbish and return just about any watch or pocket watch to proper running order. Dials can be refinished, hands and crystals replaced, casebacks and watchbands refurbished or an original or generic replacement found.

Mechanical Watches

A mechanical watch generally has no battery and is either a watch that you have to wind or an automatic watch that winds itself as you wear it. To return these watches to proper running order normally requires a COA or 'clean oil and adjust'.

The watchmaker disassembles the watch, cleans the parts, oils them, reassembles, and adjusts the timing so the watch will once again run properly. Occasionally, there are parts, especially in older watches, that need replacing and require more than a COA to return it to proper running order.


In 1505, a German locksmith by the name of Peter Henlein, invented the first "portable pocket-sized clock", or as we refer to it today, the pocket watch. The word "watch" comes from sailors back in the 16th century who had to stand a 4-hour guard duty on board the ship, or as they say in the navy, "to stand watch". For centuries, they had used bulky and cumbersome hourglasses to keep track of the time, but found the new portable pocket-sized clock much more convenient and called it their "pocket watch".

There is a debate whether the first "wrist watch" was invented by Abraham LouisBreguet in 1810 or by the famous watchmaker Patek Phillipe in 1868. Either way, the "wrist watch" was not an instant success.

They were very expensive, fragile and very much for ladies only. They did not gain steam, with either gender, until the middle of World War I when the New York Times published an article about "strap watches" and how soldiers and sailors were strapping, by any means possible, pocket watches to their wrists in order to quickly tell what time it was. Almost instantly, the "strap watch" became popular and as demand grew innovations such as the shatteredresistant crystal appeared. Now, of course, we just say "watch" when we are referring to
a "wrist watch" or "strap watch" and when we mean "portable pocket-sized clock", we thankfully just have to say, "pocket watch".

Quartz Matches

Quartz Matches

When a new battery does not return your quartz watch to proper running order, it means the watch needs servicing. However, in most cases, a COA is not appropriate because many quartz movements contain plastics, making a proper cleaning nearly impossible.

Most other watchmakers resort to just blowing the movements out with air, attempting to dislodge any minute particles of dust that stopped the watch from running. The problem with this shortcut is that many times the dust particles are just blown somewhere else in the movement, resulting in many returns to the repair shop.

To solve this problem, we, at CNS Jewelry & Watch Repair, have generally decided not to clean quartz movements but replace the old movement with a brand new manufacturer's specified movement, ordering only from the best and most reputable suppliers in the country. And the best part is, we can do this for a lower price than most other places charge for a COA. Also, because we are installing a brand new movement, we can warranty the repair for one-year, whereas most others only offer a 90-day guarantee.

We also service pocket watches and self-charging watches, such as Seiko Kinetics and Citizen Eco-drives. Please allow approximately four weeks for the servicing of watches.

Watch Batteries

All of our watch batteries are $9.95 installed and come with a two-year replacement guarantee. We have the correct watch battery for every make and model of the watch and the experts and proper tools to install the battery according to manufacturer's specifications. Our watch technicians can quickly and expertly change the watch battery for various watches.

  • Fossil
  • Casio
  • Gucci
  • Seiko
  • Citizen
  • TAG Heuer
  • Kenneth Cole
  • Anne Klein
  • Raymond Weil
  • Pulsar
  • Swiss Army
CNS Jewelry & Watch Repair